Linking Rhema Graduates Around West Africa

The RHEMA Alumni Association provides all graduates of RHEMA Bible Training College Accra with contact, communication, tools, and encouragement from RHEMA after graduation.

Rhema Partnership And Friend Raising

Ministries and organizations are invited to support Rhema Bible Training College in Accra. We believe in friendship and good win-win relationships.

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RA Alumni Membership Growth

Everyone wants to be a part of something greater than himself. We dream of changing the world, making it a better place for us, our families and our generation.

Alumni Benefits

RBTCA class visitation privileges. Each member has the right (is eligible) to sit in six (6) courses of his/her choice [per each academic year]

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Our Latest Work

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What Fellow Alumni Have To Say

These are the testimonies of your fellow mates after completing Rhema!

Eric Boateng
SRC President 2021

Rhema has vividly taught me Christianity is more of a way of life than just simply being a religion. I have learned to properly confess and apply God's word on a different level. My whole world outlook has changed. Poise, peace, calmness, heart, smile, appreciation of others... all changed for the better. My fervent desire is helping with in depth Christian education because we need SOUND DOCTRINE is the pivot on which we can revolve more than ever in our generation to survive the times.

Our Purpose Is To Serve

Rhema Alumni exists not as third year Rhema, but as a lifestyle Rhema!

We Provide You With Information For Both Campus And Off Campus Alumni Events

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